Benefits of Prayer

No one ever complains about praying too much.  We all realize the power in praying, and that God delights in spending extended time in conversation with us.  PrayerMats help make it possible to pray longer and deeper through multiple prayer positions and comfort. 

PrayerMats enhance times of prayer and are a tremendous tool to be used in prayer ministry. This tool spurs people on to not only pray, but to pray for longer periods of time. This tool becomes a visible reminder in their homes that they have a prayer ministry and that God loves to spend time in intimate conversation with them.

PrayerMats are designed for multiple positions of prayer, that can be easily changed to without interrupting your prayer.  The portability of Prayermats makes it a perfect tool for Prayer Meetings or travel. Roll it up and sling it over your shoulder. Enjoy how PrayerMats enhance times of prayer where ever you are.